on romance

i don’t believe in insta-love.

falling in love with someone simply because of their appearance just doesn’t cut it for me. i believe in aesthetic attraction – i’m aesthetically attracted to friends and even strangers sometimes, with nothing past that. i also think that it’s a person’s appearance that attracts you, but their personality that convinces you to stay. that sounds much more reasonable (and much better) than falling in love with some jerk because s/he is physically attractive and/or charming.

same with love triangles. they appear in books, movies, anime, manga – everywhere, really.


what makes them so popular?

they always irritate me. if alice really loved bob, then she wouldn’t fall for charlie. even if he tempted her, she would stay with bob, wouldn’t she? so that she could avoid causing him pain and heartbreak. there’s been a rising trend in the shoujo heroine falling for the handsome douche bag, too, while abandoning the male best/childhood friend. even if that best friend is intelligent, hardworking, caring, and loyal.

maybe that’s just prevalent in manga.

on a less frustrating note, i prefer more subtle or sadder romance over the full-blown, cheesy, lovey dovey kind. i’m sure that the latter would be wonderful (and maybe a bit unrealistic) in real life, but i feel uncomfortable reading that sort of romance. i’d rather read about implied love – love that isn’t thrown into the reader’s face, but rather expressed through small, seemingly trivial actions. or unrequited love. hidden heart ache. two people realize that they’re in love with each other, but it’s too late. or, on the supernatural side, two people finally confess their feelings for each other, and briefly enjoy their time together before one of them loses the other forever.

yuki midorikawa is a master at expressing subtle love.

at the same time, she apparently hates drawing in the shoujo genre?

i don’t know how i feel about that.


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