dream (1)

lately, i haven’t been able to sleep very much.

at first, it took me until two in the morning to finally drift off, only to wake up at six. two became three, then four, and i gradually began to spend nights completely awake, with no chance of ever falling asleep.
sometimes i manage to nap for an hour or two in the afternoon, but i can’t keep doing that; school starts in less than a week…

“hey, wake up.”


“this is where you get off, right?”

I open my eyes and glance out the window, startled by the familiar scenery. “t-thanks,” i mutter, sliding out of my seat. she follows me off the bus.

“it’s cool. i didn’t want you to miss your stop, ya know? that would suck. well, i guess you need that sleep, being an insomniac and all.”


her lips turn nearly white as they stretch into a smile. “aren’t we in the same grade?”

“yeah, i thi-”

wait, what?

hold on, something’s not right…

i stop walking.

“who are you?”

her smile morphs into a puzzled frown. “you don’t know me? i’m in your sixth period biology class, remember?”

i stare at her.

“I’ve never seen you before.”

“really?” she sounds hurt.

“who are you?” I repeat, feeling queasy. “how did you know that i’m an insomniac? and why are we here? school hasn’t started yet -”


she grins again, this time displaying blood red gums and white, jagged teeth.

“took you long enough.”

beep. beep. beep.

i slam my hand on top of my alarm clock.
my first dream for a long time had been a nightmare. wonderful.

my mother pokes her head into my room.
“you’re going to be late for school, dear.”

i begin to climb out of bed, but she doesn’t leave. instead, she steps into the room.


it’s hard to see her face in the dark…

my alarm clock won’t stop beeping. hadn’t i already turned it off?

“good morning,” my mother says, with an eerily familiar grin.

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