dream sequence


a collection of prose and poetry that deals with the sensual, random surrealism of dreams.


déjà vu

(Your heart thrilled when she turned towards you and smiled. You had never loved anyone more.)

It’s impossible to go barefoot in the city, though. There seem to be teeth everywhere.


When it begins to rain, you tell yourself, I love the rain, and I’m not going to drown.

where ghosts live

Ethan felt like he’d always lived in the house, the intricate layouts of both the dark hallways and winding garden paths ingrained in his memory since day one.

glass wings

the old man drops the pitcher. we watch as millions of tiny fragments scatter across the ground, gleaming under the sun.


When you’d first heard her you were startled by how childlike Joanna had sounded, but you know better now. She may sing sweetly, and animals may populate her songs, but her voice belies her wisdom.


chance encounters

we built soft moon ladders to
preserve our rotting sweetness
as it crumbled into nothing.

how all things glow

at the still point of the turning world,
the first word that you ever spoke was: light.


blossoming from her throat

from your hands red roses flew

you closed your eyes and sang to the gods
with a colorless voice.

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